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  • Have more time for things you like to do! We serve you 24/7!
  • We are flexible and affordable
    (services scheduled around your
    busy lifestyle; we work nights, holidays and weekends).
  • Your home, cleaned your way.
  • Screened, professional and
    trustworthy staff.
  • Local company, local maids from your local community.
  • 100% satisfaction, guaranteed!


Recent Testimonials:

" Hi cleaning lady did an excellent job thank you. :) "

" Sofia, Excellent job done by Nancy. I hope you are a football New York Giants fan."

" Hi Sophia, I just spoke to Jo and she said she was happy with the maids' work."

"Thanks so much! Everything looks great - the girls did a great job."

"Thank you Sofia, beautiful job. When I return from NY in two weeks I will call you to begin weekly cleaning for my new apt. I will be happy to recommend you to all of my real estate contacts."

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Clean house, hard working maid. Peace of mind for you.
South Florida Maid Services

We at the South Florida Maid Services specialize for residental housekeeping. We only clean private homes, houses and apartments in Broward and Miami-Dade County.

Should you need recurring weekly, biweekly or monthly maid service or maybe just a one time cleaning , specials, like move in /move out cleaning, after party cleaning or pre or post construction cleaning, whichever is your need our services in Fort Lauderdale is here to help you!

In today's busy word, where families are overworked and stressed, there doesn't seem to be any time to get the house in order. After long days at your job, family, friends and other obligations on an exhausting week, the last thing anyone wants to do is to worry about house cleaning.

Is it affordable? Do the math!

According to a financial survey in 2009, an average American family spends $38 on cleaning products a month. That is almost $10 a week for cleaning products only!
According to an other survey, based on 2005 time-diary data from the federally-funded Panel Study of Income Dynamics, conducted since 1968 at the U-M Institute for Social Research (ISR), single and married men and women are doing less housework than they were in the 1976.
"Married men, on the other hand, are doing more—13 hours a week in 2005, compared with six hours a week in 1976. They're still doing less than married women, who currently log 17 hours a week."

That means an average married couple spends 30 hours of housework a week. That 30 hours includes mowing grass, buying groceries,and CLEANING.
Cleaning is about 70% of the 30 hours, that means, you and your spouse is spending 21 hours a week cleaning!
Just to make sure, you understand, how affordable South Florida Maid Services are, let's put it in numbers:
Let's say you are making at least $15 an hour, that means, your household is spending $315 plus $10 in cleaning products a week! That is $325 worth of your time.
So, why not hire a maid, who will do this work for you for a fraction of the cost and you can spend your valuable time making more money or spending quality time with your family.

Our clients find that our weekly or biweekly maid services in their house makes their job much easier! Having someone come once a week to clean the toilets, showers, tubs, floors, carpets, dust, sanitize and more, will give you the freedom to simply just do maintenance on the already cleaned home. It is very refreshing to come home to a spotless, great smelling house when you have not had to be the one to sweat and spend precious time cleaning. Schedule our weekly house cleaning services in Fort Lauderdale and see, this is the best way to keep on top of the daily and weekly messes that we all have to deal with. If you schedule our weekly or biweekly home cleaning you most likely never have to do spring cleaning again! As we altenate the additional services keeping an eye on the cleaninliness of your home, so we make sure whatever it got dirty last week, will be cleaned at the time of tour cleaning.

Even if you have decided that our weekly or biweekly cleaning service is not for you, you should still consider to get help when you need it. If you are having a party, holiday dinners, or the in-laws are coming to visit, you are probably spending a good deal of your time cleaning and preparing your home so you can proudly invite your guests in. Instead of spending your free time with cleaning and organizing, we can have it done for you and more. We would be happy to provide you with the services that you need before those special events, like cleaning out the guestroom, preparing the guest bathroom, even to set the table for the dinner. Just imagine inviting guests into your home without feeling exhausted after hours of cleaning and organizing. We guarantee you'll find that your maid service was more than worth what you paid.

A great time to contact us is when you are moving into or out of a house. Think about it, when you buy or rent a new home you do not want to move in into someone else's old mess? Generally you want to clean it before you move your things in. Same thing when you are moving out. Especially when you want your deposit back!
Instead of adding stress to moving with the house cleaning, why not call us? We can take care of it for you!
And don't forget, when you move your refrigerator, clean out the cabinets and pack your closets, you'll find that there is a lot of work to be done before you leave the home. We will take care of these issues for you, as well as cleaning up the messes that are generally found under the washer and dryer, in the back of closets, and anywhere else that needs to be tidied up. South Florida Maid Services will clean even the carpet for you. Choosing our maid service is a great way to relieve the stress and pressure associated with moving into or out of a new home.

Leave the cleaning to us!

We guarantee your 100% satisfaction. If you are not happy with any of the services, let us know promptly, we will return to your home within 24 hours and correct the job according to your standards.